Welkom op de website van het Fetish Café.
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Welcome on the website of the Fetish Café.

The Fetish Café opened its doors on October 1st, 2000.

After long negotiations with the city hall and the police W/we finally got permission to open our etablishment. After that, many more discussions followed with people from the neigbourhood. Fear for the unkown has probably played a big role in all this.

Now, the Fetish Café is accepted by the whole neighbourhood as well as by the surrounding horeca businesses. It seems that everybody (finally) understood dat BDSM-P/people are very normal P/persons W/who bother nobody. On the contrary, O/our C/clients show more respect and tolerance than can be found by other party gangers.
Many thanks for this.

The Fetish Café is unique in its kind.

From the beginning, the Fetish Café was founded especially for P/people with an interest in BDSM. As 'SM café' or even 'BDSM café' is not allowed by the Belgian law, and because BDSM has much in common with fetishism, W/we chose for the name Fetish Café.
And of course fetishists are more than welcome in O/our etablishment.

Since the existence of the Fetish Café, more BDSM etablishments have opened in the Benelux. The big difference between those and O/our café is that the Fetish Café is a real café, as the name says. It is not a club or organisation, and W/we are open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday as a public place, for all kind of public.
Az a public etablishment, everybody can come to the Fetish Café. Why not? W/we don't have anything to hide, do W/we? People who are curious for BDSM as well as T/those W/who take T/their first steps in this scene, and of course the more experienced BDSM P/poeple, A/all are more than welcome in the Fetish Café. W/we will always take all possible time to answer Y/your questions and help Y/you further on the way.

Pleaso go on reading in O/our site about the whereabouts of the Fetish Café.
Y/you can also get information by phone on the number +-32 (0)3 232 07 36.

W/we hope to welcome Y/you in O/our unique Fetish Café.