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The aim of the Fetish Café is to provide a meeting place for E/everyone with an interest in fetishism and/or BDSM. Somewhere W/we can gather, whether dressed in fetish clothes or not, to talk in a relaxed way about O/our feelings - or any other subject. A place to meet like-minded I/individuals, for a casual chat, to arrange a scene, or even, W/who knows, to start a long-term relationship. A place where W/we can be O/ourselves!

From the beginning W/we had the intention of creating a business where drinks can be purchased at normal café prices. The O/owners are of the opinion that enough advantage is already being taken of P/people W/who have fetish and/or BDSM-feelings. Hence the word 'café' in Fetish Café. E/everyone is free to enter for a chat and a drink at normal rates.

At the same time W/we planned to organize regular parties, keeping the principle of normal café prices. Not in a different location every few months, but every week at the same venue, and affordable for E/everyone.
At the Fetish Café, a beer or soda will cost 2,00 Euro, even during parties. The entrance fee for parties will always be around 15,00 to 20,00 Euro.


After a long search, W/we found the perfect location for O/our project, at n° 8 Kleine Pieter Potstraat in Antwerp. The Fetish Café is in a quiet sidestreet in the heart of the old city centre, close to the Grote Markt. Parking is no problem since several 24 hour parking lots are nearby. For T/those W/who wish to enjoy other establishments before or after visiting U/us, there is always something to be found right around the corner.

What makes the Fetish Café so unique, is the fact that the venue is entirely underground - but not just in an ordinary basement...
The original construction dates from 1562! It is part of a 16th century monastery of which only O/our café and a nearby chapel still exist. The entire basement is fully vaulted, and O/one can see the original building style in the shape and construction of the walls and ceiling. Walking in Y/you enter a very special atmosphere!


As has been explained, the purpose of the bussiness is to have a café where E/enthusiasts can have a drink at normal prices and chat with like-minded P/people.

W/we maintain a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the Fetish Café, so that E/everyone can feel at home. There are no professional Dominants or submissives for hire in the café itself. However, if Y/you wish, W/we will refer Y/you to P/people once W/we are convinced that T/they will suit Y/your desires.

A range of SM-accessories can also be bought in the Fetish Café. W/we try to stock items that cannot be found elsewhere. The product range is limited because W/we only offer equipment that has been made by the C/customers of the café itself. No overpriced equipment as found in ordinary fetish shops, but exclusive products that are reasonably priced because no third parties are involved.

The separate dungeon area is dedicated to the SM L/lover. The Medieval setting demands Medieval furniture, which has been created exclusively for the Fetish Café by specialists. There is among others a cage, a scaffold, an SM chair and a separate cell, and for exhibitionists there is a small stage on which to show what T/they can do.
This dungeon can be hired for private use at a very reasonable price, on every evening except Saturdays. The dungeon equipment -all in Medieval style- is included in the price. For reasons of safety and hygiene, W/we ask C/customers to provide personal items T/themselves.
There is also a shower available in the Fetish Café. After a scene O/one can refresh there, or the shower can be incorporated into the scene itself.


Every Saturday night there is a party at the Fetish Café! Various BDSM-organisations reserve the entire venue, dungeon included, to host a special night in a pleasant atmosphere.

VVSM-VILLAGE for example, the oldest BDSM-organization in Belgium, organizes parties on the first Saturday of the month. DOORNROOSJE also regulary host parties at the Fetish Café, including a noonparty on the third Thursday (except the summer months). STEEL MOON, a non-profit organisation created by some of the Fetish Café's regular C/customers, organizes a BDSM party at least twice a month. Steel Moon also organizes the reknowed Level-2 parties, which are also held at the Fetish Café. To know W/who organizes a party when, please see our Agenda page.

W/we like to inform the V/visitors at these BDSM-parties that each organisation has its own conditions (such as dress-code) at their parties. Conditions of one party are not always the same as those of another organisation. Becoming a M/member of one organisation does NOT include membership of the others! Becoming a member of the Fetish Café itself is impossible, as the café is a public enterprise.


The Fetish Café is no sex club. But this does not mean that sexual activities are forbidden at the Fetish Café! But O/one has to consider some rules: on Thurdays and Fridays, the Fetish Café is a public place. Therefor the Belgian Law on Public Vices is applied. So no sex in public, O/one can rent the dungeon for that, with closed doors. Also no nuditity, 'beach wear' or equivalent is allowed. 'Heavy SM' is not allowed neither. The expression 'heavy SM' is given to U/us by the police, but nobody seems to know what is meant by that. W/we can only transmit things that have been said to U/us O/ourselves.

The above makes it clear that on private parties - like each Saturday - sex is allowed at the Fetish Café! But still W/we want to distinguish O/ourselves from mentionned sex clubs, by not allowing that A/anybody touches S/somebody without previous agreement! Everything is possible, as long as it has been arranged beforehand and that E/everybody included agrees to it!


For E/everbody with an interest in fetish or BDSM, or W/who has questions about these subjects. Both experienced SM-P/practitioners and B/beginners are welcome. W/we hope to attract a C/clientele at the Fetish Café of both SM-L/lovers and pure latex, rubber, leather or high heels fetishists, and everything connected to it. The Fetish Café team does its best to make E/everybody feel comfortable while still maintaining a private atmosphere. People with unacceptable intentions such a crooks and paedophiles will be excluded at all times. Considering the interior decoration and the articles for sale, entrance into the Fetish Café is forbidden to anyone under the age of 18.

Both the O/owners and the S/staff are experienced practitioners of BDSM and are happy to answer questions. Without pretending to be psychiatrists, W/we will try to help Y/you with any problems Y/you might have. The P/people of the Fetish Café also hope to attract P/people with an interest in BDSM, but W/who have not yet taken the decision to come out. W/we know from experience how difficult it can be to enter this 'scene' - but also how pleasant it is once the decision is made!


The Fetish Café is open on Friday and Saturday from 9.00 PM. W/we never know in advance when W/we will close, but it is never before midnight. We are also open on the third Thursday en the second Sunday of each month.

On the closing days of the café, also and especially on Sunday, the venue is available for private parties, ceremonies or photo-shoots, or in case Y/you want to enjoy the special atmosphere of the café entirely on Y/your own without being disturbed.

If Y/you need any more information, Y/you can always reach U/us during opening hours at the following telephone number:
+32 (0)3 232 07 36.

Or send U/us an e-mail at info@fetish-cafe.com.

W/we sincerely hope to welcome Y/you soon to the exclusive Fetish Café.