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The dungeon of the Fetish Café is unique in its kind!

The atmosphere, the smell, burning candles... that alone brings Y/you in that special mood that only the Fetish Café can give you.

The lighting can be arranged so that the candles give an extra dimension.
The equipment, in wood and metal, is made especially for the Fetish Café by BDSM-P/practionars, with an eye for details and funtionality.
On the page guided tour, Y/you can see the scanfold, the winch and crosses, and there is also a special SM-chair, a bench with many possibilities and a rolling cage. The winch is certified vor people up to 100 kg.
All around are benches, so Y/you can rest and enjoy the view (or the dungeon or the sub... or both)
There is a separate small cage and in another Y/you can find an antique gynaecology chair. No need for much imagination...

O/one can rent this dungeon and all the equipment privately!!!

For the price of only € 40,- an hour, Y/you can use this accomodation privately! No matter how many P/people Y/you are!
The door to the café is locked so Y/you can use the dungeon and equipment without being disturbed.
Renting the dungeon is possible during the opening hours of the Fetish Café, except on Saturdays because then the dungeon is used by the BDSM-organisations.

It is also possible to rent the venue - incliuding the dungeon - outside of the opening hours. For ceremonies, (private) parties, photo- or film session, etc. For more info, mail at our info address.

For ceremonies in the Fetish Café, the dungeon is without saying the most important attribute. Read our page Ceremonies.

sfeerbeeld speelkerker

For more info, send a mail to info@fetish-cafe.com
or phone to 0032 32 32 07 36.